What is important to know about an IRS audit in San Diego and how can Allen Barron improve your outcome and save you money?  Most US taxpayers are surprised to learn it is up to you to prove you have followed US tax code and tax filing laws.  The burden of proof is on you and not the IRS during an IRS audit and any interaction with the IRS.  It is the IRS who makes the decision whether or not you have actually complied.  Unless you know all of the laws and tax codes of the United States and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) how can you stand up to the IRS?  It is also important to know the IRS often makes mistakes.  One of our clients was sent a Notification of Intent to Levy (their bank accounts) saying the taxpayer owed thousands of dollars.  When we investigated and contacted the IRS, they admitted the taxpayer was in full compliance and owed them nothing!  What do you suppose would have happened if the taxpayer called the IRS saying they didn’t owe them the money?

The experienced tax attorneys at Allen Barron have the legal skill, tax and accounting expertise to stand up to the IRS on your behalf.

What else is important to know about an IRS audit in San Diego which can save you money and improve your outcome?  When you are represented by Allen Barron’s experienced IRS tax attorneys you never have to speak with the IRS, and this is definitely in your interest.  The IRS has a new audit tactic where they simply ask the taxpayer for a variety of information.  Most US taxpayers fear the IRS and provide far too much information to the IRS in an attempt to appear honest and responsive.  It is natural to want to get on their good side, but in the case of the IRS this will hurt your interests.  The IRS will use the information you provided (which you were not required by law to provide) against you to increase not only the scope of the audit, but the amount of money you will owe the IRS at the end of it.

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