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International Challenges Facing San Diego Businesses

Allen Barron is uniquely positioned to support and advise international San Diego business owners and corporations.  There are substantial international challenges facing San Diego businesses as well as those who wish to bring their business opportunities to the United States.  San Diego is home to a large number of H1-B visa holders and foreign nationals who live and work here in the US.  San Diego employers should understand the challenges their employees face and help to ensure they are familiar with offshore account, asset and income reporting and IRS FBAR compliance requirements.

As businesses, many economic advantages may be found through offshore manufacturing and distribution as well as capturing income in sovereign nations that provide strategic tax advantage, such as Ireland.  There are many complex issues that US businesses face when conducting international commerce – internally or externally.  How do you structure the entities necessary to accomplish your international business goals while reducing overhead and taxation and maximizing opportunity and profit?  What is the impact of “waters edge” elections?  How do transfer pricing issues affect companies as they move products and services between entities?  What are the tax issues they will face and how can a business design its own internal accounting and IT systems to capture important information and financial detail at the micro-level so that information can be genuinely assessed from a local, regional, national and international perspective?

Allen Barron provides a single source perspective on all maters from a business, legal, tax and accounting perspective.  It is critical in this age to have access to critical business information and to have advisers who can integrate complex international structures, processes, transactions and apply legal, tax and accounting insights to supportyour business objectives.  Gain an advantage over the international challenges facing San Diego businesses and contact us for a free and substantive consultation at 866-631-3470.