International Corporate Ownership and Subsidiaries

International Business and Tax Attorneys Based in San Diego

Allen Barron is uniquely positioned to serve and advise US domestic and international corporate ownership as well as their subsidiaries.  What entity or entities are required to accomplish your international business goals, and how will the companies be associated to one another (if at all)?  How will you manage transactions between companies, as well as those with external customers and vendor supply chains?  What impact will international corporate ownership have upon your taxes?

We help with international business formation and the development of accounting and tax strategies for all aspects of domestic and offshore business.  Business is global – and Allen Barron has expertise in international business and tax law.  Our accounting services team can design, implement and support complex accounting and tax reporting systems for a single entity or a multi-national global concern.  We work to simplify the management of international corporate ownership while ensuring maximum profitability and compliance with all US and foreign laws.

International Corporate Ownership Lawyers

International corporate clients value the counsel and support services that guide the implementation and management of international operations, cross border transactions, transfer pricing, compliance with domestic and foreign tax treaties and reporting requirements.  The recent expansion of inter-reporting agreements between the IRS, foreign banks and investment houses and offshore sovereign tax agencies requires additional sophistication – in terms of corporate structures, accounting and reporting systems, and international tax compliance.

Allen Barron further advises clients on critical international business strategies such as the licensing of intellectual property, joint ventures and international employment contracts and policies.  We assist with all areas of corporate compliance, and ensure compliance with international, federal, state and local regulatory agencies and laws.

Compliance with FATCA and FBAR Reporting

Allen Barron advises our international corporate ownership clients and their employees on compliance with IRS FBAR reporting requirements, as well as compliance with the completion of US tax returns for permanent residents and business owners with offshore and international tax reporting requirements.  We help our clients to come into full FATCA compliance through the IRS OVDP or Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.  We work to reduce exposure to heavy taxation, penalties and interest associated with the failure to fully and accurately report offshore asset ownership, accounts and income.

Contact Allen Barron – International Business, Tax, Legal and Accounting in a Single Source

Many international corporations and subsidiaries have multiple professional relationships with firms who provide advice to companies and their ownership on a variety of inter-related disciplines from tax to accounting, from business advice to legal issues.  The challenge with this approach is the lack of coordination and integrated decision making across multiple professional perspectives.  Allen Barron is uniquely structured to assist with almost every facet of your international corporate ownership as well as business and tax legal advice and services.

If you are considering the establishment of a presence in the US, or have international corporate ownership interests and seek expert tax, business, legal and accounting advice, we invite you to contact us at 866-631-3470 for a free and substantive consultation.  We provide integrated services at every step of the process, including entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, the sale of a company, internal transfer of goods and services, employment contracts, policies and procedures, corporate governance and compliance, international taxation as well as the protection and licensing of intellectual property.