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Selling A Business in San Diego Requires Business, Tax, Financial and Legal Expertise

Selling a business in San Diego requires a diverse cross-section of professional services including business expertise, tax advice, financial planning and legal expertise.  Allen Barron provides this broad scope of services in a single-source vendor.  What is the value of a single-source professional partner when selling your business?  The complexity of a business sale requires extensive expertise.  However, the issues and decisions associated with the “business” aspects of the transaction are absolutely impacted by the tax, financial and legal aspects of the deal.  The Business advisers at Allen Barron have run multi-national corporations and bring decades of business ownership and operational expertise.  This perspective ensures that all aspects of the business are taken into account as the transaction to sell your business is prepared.

Selling a business in San Diego is a complex financial transaction.  What is the best way to structure the deal to maximize post-transaction cash on hand and to minimize tax exposures?  Our CPA and seasoned tax professionals help you to evaluate the transaction from every financial angle.  We help to prepare the financials and due diligence information necessary to fulfill your legal obligations as a seller.  We help to tighten up internal processes and financial processes to put your business in the best possible position for sale.  We help you to plan how the “money” portion of the transaction will be handled, and how your life will be structured once the sale is complete.

Selling a business in San Diego also requires extensive legal expertise.  Allen Barron’s legal team will protect your interests and ensure that you walk away from the transaction in a manner that protects you as much as possible from contingent liabilities while allowing you to move forward to the next phase of your life.  The asset purchase contract or stock purchase contract needs to be carefully negotiated and structured based upon your best interests and the decisions that will foster the completion of a successful contract.

Each aspect of this complex transaction informs the other.  In order to maximize the intelligence and analysis available to you it is important to work with professionals who can view the transaction as a whole.  We help those who are selling a business in San Diego to gain a broad perspective of the transaction from a business, tax, financial and legal perspective and provide informed detailed professional advice to ensure the greatest opportunity for success.

If you are selling a business in San Diego we invite you to contact us for a free and substantive consultation at 866-631-3470.