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Business Contract Review Services

Should you sign the contract in front of you?  How intense is the pressure upon you to sign?  Here’s a pro tip: The higher the pressure to sign it, the more likely it is you need the experienced contract attorneys at Allen Barron to review it.  Business contracts form the foundation of a business transaction or relationship.  The contract guides the parties through each aspect of the relationship or transaction, any issues that might arise and ultimately to a successful conclusion.  The quality of the business contract will have a substantial impact on the likelihood of a successful and profitable conclusion.  Our business contract review services protect your interests and increase the likelihood of profit and success.

The business and contract attorneys at Allen Barron can develop standardized contracts for your company’s unique applications, or review existing contracts to ensure they reflect your best interests and meet the complex legal requirements of California law.  Many download form sites provide business contracts, but these will not suffice in most California business transactions.  Another example is the formation of a new LLC or corporation.  California laws provide all the power to minority business owners unless your corporate documents or operating agreement specifically state otherwise.  You need to ensure that your contracts will deliver the business results you expect, while protecting you from contingent liabilities and the potential for lawsuits if an unforeseeable issue arises.

A well crafted contract doesn’t just specify the roles of the parties and the “benefit of the bargain” for each.  A soundly written business contract should define the process or relationship, anticipating every conceivable issue that might go wrong and prescribing a solution in advance that will guide the parties to resolution without extensive and expensive litigation.  A business contract is much like a detailed road map that ensures each step of the transaction or relationship is clearly planned and well executed.

If you need a well designed business contract or simply need to take advantage of our business contract review services we invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.