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Start the New Year by Cleaning Up Back IRS Tax Debt

Start the new year off by cleaning up back IRS tax debt and freeing yourself from the risk of wage garnishment or a levy against your bank account.  If you owe the IRS or California tax agencies more than $20,000 we invite you to contact Allen Barron for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

There are many reasons why US taxpayers get behind in amounts they owe the IRS.  The key is not to ignore the debt you owe.  The IRS has tremendous powers which allow the agency to collect taxes in an aggressive manner.  The IRS has the power to seize your personal or business bank account(s) and empty them in order to satisfy a tax debt.  In addition, the IRS will garnish your wages and income.  There is a specific and substantial amount the IRS is able to order your employer to withhold.  Many clients have found they are not able to pay their bills after a garnishment, and are wondering how they will survive.

The IRS uses nationalized figures for cost-of-living expenses such as food, gasoline and the cost of your rent or mortgage.  Unfortunately, these numbers are based on the lowest median regional wages and not on the actual wages or cost of living we experience here in San Diego.

The experienced IRS tax attorneys and tax collection defense lawyers at Allen Barron stand up to the IRS on your behalf.  If you have received a “Notification of Intent to Levy” or a “Notification of Intent to Garnish” you need to contact us immediately.  There is only a matter of a few weeks before the IRS will act, and once the action has begun it can take weeks or months to stop or reverse.

If you owe the IRS more than $20,000 Allen Barron can help.  Start the new year by cleaning up back IRS tax debt and remove the cloud of concern that surrounds any dealings with the IRS.  Contact us or call 866-631-3470 and learn how we can represent you in matters involving the IRS and work to negotiate a solution you can live with.