The Business Advisory Group of Allen Barron include experienced international business experts who have decades of experience managing multi-national public corporations, mid-sized technology and engineering firms, retail establishments and small businesses.  We provide a broad range of first-hand experience and consulting services for San Diego CEO’s to provide sound valued general business counsel.

What are your greatest challenges?  What will the winds of change bring in 2017? 

Our CEO advisors help you to avoid the missteps and pitfalls that have brought financial challenge, litigation and ultimately ended other companies like your own.  We combine skill sets across multiple critical disciplines including business management, tax, legal and accounting expertise.  This allows Allen Barron to approach your concerns, challenges and goals from a broader, higher perspective while contributing more valuable and cost-efficient insight that would not be possible from the separate perspectives of business consultants, financial managers, tax professionals, CPAs and business attorneys.

Insight.  Depth.  Experience.  Global Perspective.

It is this breadth of expertise combined with decades of genuine experience that allow our business advisory consultants to provide insight and problem resolution at every stage of your corporation’s growth to reduce risk and increase the opportunity for expanded success.

Our integrated strategy combines this experience and multiple disciplines to help you tackle the greatest challenges you face, while positioning your company for continued prosperity.  Who can a CEO turn to for advice they can count on in these evolving times? The experienced consulting services for San Diego CEO’s at Allen Barron.

Coach.  Mentor.  Strategic Planning Insight.  Operational and Financial Management.  International Business and Transfer Pricing.  Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures.

If you are managing a large corporation or are the owner of a mid-size growing corporation we invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.  Learn about our consulting services for San Diego CEO’s and the depth of our experience and multiple resources and extensive expertise we can bring into your service.

Who will help you to face the challenges of 2017, and navigate the changing global waters?  The experienced, seasoned business leaders and advisors of Allen Barron.


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