Allen Barron provides tax and estate planning for blended families in San Diego and throughout the Southwest United States.  The percentage of second and third marriages has substantially increased over the past few decades, and blended families have become a normal part of life here in San Diego.  There are many things to consider when approaching a new marriage and blending children, assets and business ventures into a new family going forward.

We guide our clients through the critical conversations which lay a strong foundation for the new blended family, and how to develop an estate plan, business succession plan and tax strategy which reflects your new reality, while protecting and preserving the integrity of all you have experienced and built to this point in life.  Estate planning and trusts are crucial in blended family situations.  Each spouse may bring children from a previous marriage to the new family.  You may consider having children of your own.  How do you provide for children from a previous marriage and ensure their financial well being if something were to happen to you?

Allen Barron works to ensure a family trust is developed which sets aside resources and assets or insurance coverage which is protected under a trust and designated for the welfare of a specific child or beneficiary.  Effective estate planning and trust documents clearly establish each of your intentions so you can move forward confidently into your new family while preserving and protecting the interests of your existing children and potentially those of your new spouse.  What assets will be maintained as “separate” from the community property of the newly blended family?  How do you intend for your share of community assets to be divided if something unexpected happens in the future?

How will the new tax reform affect the tax impact of existing child support or spousal support arrangements going forward?  How can you best position your affairs to minimize tax exposure and build wealth?  Allen Barron helps with tax and estate planning for blended families in San Diego so that you may build a new life with your partner while protecting your heirs and beneficiaries and protecting all that you have worked to build to this point.  We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.

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