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The Success of a Transaction is Directly Related to the Business Contract that Governs It

Efficient and Effective San Diego Business Attorneys

The success of a transaction is directly related to the business contract that governs it and the extent to which it covers every possible detail.  The biggest mistake any small business person can make is to attempt to download important business contracts from an online forms site, or worse, attempt to copy and modify their own contract from some document off of the web.  California has some of the most complex business and commercial codes in the United States.  Many of the contracts you would download do not address specific issues relevant to California law.  Show us a case of business litigation and we will almost always be able to point to a poorly crafted contract between the parties.

The business contract attorneys at Allen Barron provide legal services to small and mid-sized businesses as well as multi-national and international corporations.  We have extensive experience supporting our clients through negotiations, and understand the nuances associated with finding common ground and keeping the energy of the deal as positive as possible.  We are able to review and modify your existing business contracts or create contracts that are tailored to your unique business applications.

One of the greatest risks associated with business is litigation.  Litigation is almost always the result of vague terms or issues that are altogether missing from the contract between the parties.  When the contract does not specifically address any item associated with the transaction, a judge must piece together the intention of the parties out of thin air.  This requires extensive time and expense as each side presents evidence and testimony in an attempt to gain the upper hand.  A well crafted contract avoids these issues entirely.  It should clearly establish the intentions of the parties and their roles and responsibilities.  It should clearly describe the “benefit of the bargain” to be received by each party, as well as all important details such as time frames and terms.  The contract should anticipate every possible challenge that might arise during the course of the transaction and how the parties will be guided through it.

These are some of the reasons why the success of a San Diego business transaction is directly related to the business contract that governs it and the clarity of the terms between the parties.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.