Do you value business advice from an experienced and accomplished business person?  Why do corporations have a Board of Directors?  The Board is generally comprised of business people with multiple disciplinary backgrounds such as lawyers, accountants, employment specialists, industry experts, savvy entrepreneurs and tax advisers who can guide the company based upon their area of expertise.  The combined strength of the Board of Directors provides a corporation with the value of advice from a broader perspective which incorporates the impact of multiple factors upon any business decision.

Allen Barron provides substantial value and perspective to our clients for the same reason.  Many businesses here in San Diego have separate professionals such as a business attorney, book keeper, CPA or accountant, tax preparer, tax attorney and financial advisers.  Each is paid separately and provides insight, recommendations and advice based upon their unique area of expertise.  However, this model does not allow any of the individual professionals to take a broader look at things and consider the impact of one discipline upon another within the context of an important decision or business question, such as:

How will this decision affect our tax exposures?

How should we structure the business we are acquiring and how should costs and profits be distributed within our corporate family?

If we break apart costs and create systems to track finer details at all levels of the organization, how will that impact unit profitability, market awareness and competitive advantage, speed to market, tax advantages or inform critical corporate decisions?

How can we cut the cost of goods and increase profitability on each unit?

When you combine the bills of all of these separate business professionals the costs are quite high, and you still have no one who can help you to integrate the expertise of each area in a unified vision and explain the impact of each upon a potential corporate decision.  This is the value of advice from a broader perspective and the value Allen Barron brings to our clients.

We provide the insight and guidance of seasoned business professionals who have decades of experience and expertise running multi-national corporations and local small businesses.  Our team includes business and tax attorneys, accounting professionals and CPAs, tax preparers, affordable book keepers and business advisers within a single source.  We advise clients from the “big picture” perspective all the way down to the finest detail within any of the associated disciplines: legal, business, tax, or accounting.

A single source, a greater vision, deep expertise and a substantial cost savings for our clients – that is the value of advice from a broader perspective and the advantage Allen Barron brings to our clients.  We invite you to contact us or call today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

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