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Proven Business Experience in Challenging Times

What is the value of proven business experience in challenging times like these?  What if you could draw upon the experience of an executive who has served as the CEO of a publicly traded company with millions in revenue and as Director of Manufacturing Operations for a major international telecommunications company with plants around the world including the far east and China?  What if you no longer had to turn to 5 different professionals to get a piece of the answer to a complex question and then put together the pieces on your own?  What if you could find a valuable business service company who can integrate multiple disciplines and provide single-source answers to the most complex questions facing business people today?

Allen Barron provides extensive domestic and international business experience and expertise to support your company as you navigate the changing forces in politics and the marketplace today.  Our business advisory services group is led by Richard Barron who has served as CEO for many closely-held and publicly traded companies and as the Director of Manufacturing Operations for Northern Telecom.  He contributes extensive experience and expertise to local, regional, national and international businesses owners and their management teams.  The business advisory group works with our clients to get to the root of challenges facing your business, while offering a palette of solutions to accomplish your goals.

Janathan Allen heads the legal, accounting and tax divisions of Allen Barron.  She is a seasoned tax attorney and accountant who represents clients before federal, state and local agencies including the IRS, FTB, Commissioner of Labor, US Department of Labor, BOE and EDD.  Allen Barron helps clients to manage tax controversies, business challenges, mergers and acquisitions, the infusion of new capital and ultimately the sale of your business or company.  We are a single source business, legal, tax and accounting firm here in San Diego providing proven business expertise in challenging times for domestic and international business clients.

If you are looking for a business partner with proven leadership, tax, legal and accounting expertise we invite you to contact us or call for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.