San Diego companies serving global markets often face transfer pricing and international business issues that increase risk and contingent liability.  The international business and tax attorneys at Allen Barron have extensive expertise and experience in multiple aspects of international business.  We are uniquely positioned to provide single-source service for those who conduct offshore business or operate multiple companies in different sovereign nations and jurisdictions.  This includes:

Legal advice – understand the laws, regulatory issues and local licensing requirements of the venues you serve.  How does local law affect the integrity of your contracts, licensing agreements, joint venture contracts and other business related activity?

Tax advice – what is the best strategy to reduce taxation and maximize retained profitability when operating businesses in separate areas around the globe?  How will your offshore operations affect taxation here in the US and what is the best corporate structure to localize income in jurisdictions with a lower overall tax rate?  How can products and services be transacted between your companies without violating transfer pricing and other tax and legal issues?  Who can prepare your taxes for each entity and ensure that accuracy and good business practices are rewarded by avoiding audits or lawsuits?

Accounting advice and services – How can you structure an internal reporting system that captures data at each micro-point across all of your businesses?  How do you analyze that information and combine it into a dashboard that provides insight into every aspect of your business and operations?  How does accounting inform sound business decisions and provide insight into new strategies for reducing costs and increasing profitability?

Business counsel – Our business consultants have run multi-national corporations and local small businesses.  We provide sound business counsel that incorporates a broad disciplinary view encompassing all of the disciplines served by Allen Barron: Legal, Tax, Accounting and Business.  This unique bird’s-eye view perspective allows you to evaluate the impact of any decision or action upon the broader aspects of your business as a whole.

An accountant only considers one aspect of business, and an attorney is protecting your legal interests.  Your business adviser(s) may understand aspects of your company but cannot provide legal, tax or accounting insight.  When your business is complex and sophisticated, the problems that accompany it are complex and sophisticated as well.  Contact a San Diego business firm with extensive experience with transfer pricing and international business issues who can provide insight from a much broader aspect.  Contact Allen Barron for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

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