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What is an IRS Correspondence Audit

Did You Receive an IRS Notice of Deficiency – IRS Audit

What is an IRS correspondence audit and what do you need to know about any IRS audit?  Not all Internal Revenue Service audits are the same. Rather, many US taxpayers are surprised to learn IRS audits can take different forms. Today, we will be discussing one form in particular, the correspondence audit.

What is an IRS correspondence audit and how is this different from a traditional IRS audit? Well, correspondence audits are audits that are not done through IRS officials conducting in-person interviews, but rather are simply conducted through correspondence using the mail.

Correspondence audits generally start with the IRS sending a taxpayer a letter requesting certain information. Then, the IRS and the taxpayer use the mail for communications and transmission of relevant tax information during the course of the audit.

A taxpayer may feel a little less intimidated by a correspondence audit than an in-person audit, as they aren’t dealing with the direct presence of an IRS official during the course of the audit. However, it is very important for taxpayers to not dismiss this form of audit or thing it’s not really a big deal. Just like any IRS audit, the results of a correspondence audit can be remarkably impactful on a taxpayer.  The IRS can use the information it gleans on a correspondence audit to expand the scope of their investigation and conduct a more thorough (and costly) audit.

Thus, when a taxpayer is the subject of a correspondence audit, it is important for them to understand what is at stake, what rights they have, what the audit process will likely entail, the best strategies to manage this process and what their legal options are. Consequently, when a person discovers that a correspondence audit is being conducted on them, they should meet with one of the experienced, proven tax attorneys at Allen Barron to talk the matter over and develop a strategy for dealing with the audit.

What is an IRS correspondence audit?  A potential doorway to genuine challenges and an expensive experience for any US taxpayer.

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