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San Diego Tax Attorney Defending Taxpayers in an IRS Audit

If you have received a letter of notification from the IRS requesting information, you may already be the target of an IRS audit. If there is a field agent assigned, or if the letter offers anything other than a minor correction, you need to contact us immediately at 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.

The greatest truth about an IRS audit is that the TAXPAYER is the greatest source of information that the IRS uses to increase the amount due at the end of an audit.

IRS revenue officers (sometimes referred to as “field agents”) and revenue agents are highly trained professionals who are experts at eliciting information in a way that seems almost harmless. But it is this information that opens the door to an extensive audit, and a heavy tax bill. U.S. taxpayers are good people, and they mistakenly believe that the best way to ensure a good relationship with the IRS auditor (and to get a good result) is to seem extremely cooperative. The IRS will take advantage of your good nature, and all of the additional information you provide to expand the scope of the audit, resulting in a larger tax bill at the end of the audit.

The first rule of an IRS audit is: Never talk to an IRS Representative.

The Value Our Experienced Tax Attorneys Bring to an IRS Audit

The first contact you make should not be to the IRS; it should be to one of the experienced attorneys at our offices. As your attorney, we are able to handle all communications with the IRS on your behalf. We protect you from informational requests that lead to fishing expeditions, and keep the auditors focused on the specific task at hand. The IRS auditor already has a game plan for your audit before the letter or notification is even sent. They have developed a strategy regarding your return(s), and there are specific patterns or pieces of information that have brought you to their attention. This is not going to be easy, and trying to get on their good side is neither productive nor profitable.

We provide our clients with peace of mind. An IRS audit can be a very long process. There is a specific strategy needed at each step of the process. IRS auditors are not always right, and in many cases they misunderstand the actual accounting principles involved in a business or personal tax return. It is not unusual for us to educate an IRS auditor on accounting principles and procedures as part of our representation in an audit. We can stand up to them from both a legal perspective, as well as an accounting perspective. We keep their focus and scope as small as possible in order to drive the audit to a close, and to reduce or eliminate your potential additional tax exposure.

The Steps in an IRS Audit

There are several steps in an IRS audit, and there are strategies which we employ to manage the audit and to protect our clients’ interests. This is not a process you want to walk into on your own:


Contact an Experienced IRS Audit and Tax Attorney

Each process within an IRS audit has legal rules, taxpayer rights, and accounting principles that must be carefully managed. It is important to note that once a “Notice of Determination” has been published, it is not possible to provide additional or clarifying information from that point forward. The appeal will be based upon the files generated in the audit itself, and you cannot add any information once the Notice of Determination has been made.

This is why it is so important to work with an experienced IRS audit and tax attorney who can extend the protections of the attorney-client privilege while providing the legal, tax, and accounting expertise needed to achieve the best possible outcome in your audit. If you have received a letter or notification from the IRS, you should call us immediately for a free consultation at 866-631-3470 or contact us to schedule an appointment in person. Together, we will stand up to the IRS to protect your interests, limit the scope of the audit, and work to achieve the best possible outcome.