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ABCast Episode 12 – The Life Cycle of a Business

Episode 18 - International Tax primer Strategies and Forms

Join us and listen to the latest update to our podcast “ABCast” Episode 12 – The Life Cycle of a Business.  In this episode, Janathan Allen discusses the broad range of valuable integrated services provided by Allen Barron, Inc. at every phase of a company’s life: startup, business planning, the selection of an entity, as well as the importance of business succession planning.  Jan discusses the importance of careful planning and execution and how Allen Barron helps our clients to avoid the potholes which have challenged other businesses, as well as how to manage employees and the challenges of being an employer in California.  It is crucial to establish a solid foundation with policies and procedures, an employee handbook and to maintain these important documents to keep them up to date.  Jan also discusses the importance of developing strategies involving trade secrets and intellectual property because “what you don’t want is you don’t want to hire an employee, find out that they’ve learned all of the intellectual property or trade secrets of an organization, and then walk down the street and go to work for a competitor.”  How will you administer discipline or the process of termination?

Why are integrated legal, accounting and tax services so valuable to any viable company?  In ABCast” Episode 12 – The Life Cycle of a Business the conversation turns to mergers and acquisitions including an asset purchase or a stock purchase as well as the art of due diligence.  How important is accounting during the process of an acquisition or sale?  What is the impact of well organized accounting and tax during due diligence?  Jan shares the true story of a small local client who was acquired by an industry giant and the complications of completing the transaction (although every party was excited about the acquisition) and why it took 14 months to complete.

What happens at the end of a company’s life?  Dissolution or sale, preparing a company for sale or bringing operations to a close.  Throughout, the importance of the integration of legal, tax and accounting services throughout the life cycle of a business is evident. ABCast” Episode 12 – The Life Cycle of a Business is a comprehensive discussion on the importance of the successful integration of legal, tax and accounting strategies with business planning and operations.  This is why Allen Barron exists.  According to Jan “The premise of Allen Barron Inc really evolved into what it is that we’re doing now, because we saw a need that wasn’t being addressed throughout my various professions. So Allen Barron has evolved to the point where we provide the integrative services for our clients so that we can provide the most effective solutions for whatever it is that our clients and the issues that they’re facing may be.

We invite you to review and download our complimentary accompanying white paper “The Life Cycle of a Business” while you enjoy the podcast. Listen to ABCast Episode 12 – The Life Cycle of a Business and we hope you enjoy learning more about the importance of a strong business partnership for every phase of a company’s life with the integrated service offerings of Allen Barron, Inc. We invite you to meet with Janathan Allen and the experienced team at Allen Barron by contacting Allen Barron, or call 866-631-3470 to schedule a free consultation.

ABCast Episode 12 – The Life Cycle of a Business





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