What is the importance of succession planning for business owners and why should you be concerned about this if you own a business or a significant interest in an LLC, S-Corporation or C-Corporation?  Your business is a valuable asset, usually the most valuable asset you control.  It is not only an income producing venture, it is a legacy that you can leave to your heirs and beneficiaries.  You have poured your life’s work into your company – doesn’t it make sense to protect that company and position it to seamlessly transfer to your designated beneficiaries or to ensure its ongoing successful operations if you become incapacitated or in the event of your passing?

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The experienced professional team at Allen Barron provides a unique blend of professional services in a single source.  We look at business succession, and all business related legal, tax and accounting services from a much more comprehensive perspective.  This leads to deeper and more effective strategies you can rely upon.  Call today to begin the conversation at 866-631-3470.  We will help you to understand the value and the importance of succession planning for business owners.

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