The contract attorneys at Allen Barron provide extensive business contract creation and review services.  The business contract is the basis of all fundamental business here in San Diego, and the quality of your business contracts will ultimately determine the success or failure of your company.  Unfortunately, many small business owners and new entrepreneurs attempt to create their own contracts.  Some will pay a small fee to a legal forms download site.  In the end, either of these options will ultimately result in significant legal issues and litigation.

The reason to call Allen Barron for business contract creation and review is is simple: profit.  Our clients value the inter-disciplinary services Allen Barron offers from a single source.  The combination of legal, tax, business advisory and accounting services allows the Allen Barron team to provide a more comprehensive vision into your business.  We can help you to evaluate any decision or transaction and the impact it will have upon your business as a whole.  Most business professionals have to hire at least 3 separate business professionals – an attorney, CPA and bookkeeper – in order to fulfill the services provided by Allen Barron.  As a result, we are able to provide a more comprehensive and informed recommendation which incorporates the perspectives of each of these disciplines at a significantly reduced cost.

A well written and executed business contract provides protection to your business from every perspective – time, money and the smooth conduct of business.  Any gaps or missing legal verbiage in a business contract can result in a disagreement or legal challenge.  More importantly, when a business contract doesn’t specifically address an element of the transaction or business relationship it governs the “gray area” must be resolved before a Judge or other neutral party.  This “litigation” – the process of arguing about the gap in a contract and adjudicating the solution – results in large expenditures and extensive time delays.  When you engage Allen Barron for business contract creation and review we ensure that your business contracts are thorough and legally sound.  This ensures that the underlying transaction or relationship will proceed smoothly.  Any challenges that might arise should be anticipated and addressed within the contract, eliminating the need for extensive litigation.

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