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Resolving LLC Member Disputes in San Diego

Are you searching for a firm wish experience resolving LLC member disputes in San Diego in a cost-effective and timely manner?  The dispute resolution and litigation team at Allen Barron consists of experienced and proven attorneys with extensive trial expertise.  We understand.  A long and expensive trial is what you are trying to avoid.  However, it is the ability and likelihood that our business litigation attorneys can successfully take your case through trial to a successful verdict which provides the strength to resolve the matter in a faster and more efficient manner.

We work with our clients to establish goals for the specific outcome you wish to achieve.  Our clients almost always wish to accomplish those goals in a timely and efficient manner.  The good news is this: resolving LLC member disputes in San Diego rarely requires a trial as most of these issues are resolved through effective, structured negotiations.  Our proven trial attorneys are excellent negotiators.  We seek common ground with opposing parties and their counsel in order to establish productive negotiations while we seek a resolution to the dispute between LLC membership which reflect our client’s objectives.

When negotiations are not able to resolve all issues within the dispute, mediation is often the next best alternative.  Mediation can be a timely and cost-effective alternative to trial while maintaining a high degree of control and influence over the ultimate outcome.  We represent our clients in mediation and help to select an expert mediator with experience in the issues at hand.  Mediation is a confidential, private environment which protects our clients while keeping all future legal options open and viable.  We work with the mediator to identify several options to resolve the issue(s) and ultimately to craft a settlement agreement to resolve the matter.  In some cases the parties may agree to seek arbitration, which is much more structured than mediation while providing a known time frame for the resolution of the dispute.

Resolving LLC member disputes in San Diego requires legal skill, expertise and the ability to understand and manage the nuances of underlying relationships.  LLC members are often close friends or even family members and resolving the dispute may involve repairing the relationship as well.  We invite you to contact Allen Barron or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.  Learn how we can provide valuable help resolving LLC member disputes in San Diego.