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Business Contracts Guide Transactions to Successful Conclusions

Experienced business professionals know from experience that business contracts guide transactions to successful conclusions.  They understand the value and importance of a well-crafted business contract and the role it will play in reducing misunderstandings and contract disputes.  A well conceived business contract clearly establishes the intent and role of each party, and what is expected of them to fulfill the agreement.  The “benefit of the bargain” is clearly expressed, and the time frame for completion is well documented.  The experienced business contract attorneys at Allen Barron anticipate issues that might arise during the course of the relationship.  The contract should provide guidance and the processes to resolve disagreements that prevents expensive and time consuming litigation.

What can go wrong?  It seems like a straight forward deal, why would we need to consider the potential expense of a contract?  The key to successful business is the timely completion of work, goods or services provided in any transaction or business relationship.  The reality of business in today’s fast-paced global marketplace is that things can and do go wrong.  Unexpected developments can delay performance by one or more of the parties.  Some of the more common issues that arise include:

  • Problems with supply channels
  • Human issues such as illness, injury or even incapacitation or death
  • Issues with technology or software applications
  • Changes in federal, state or local laws or regulations
  • Expectations with respect to quality or workmanship
  • Prompt payment
  • Questions about whether the work is “finished”

The cost of a contract is minimal when it is compared to the cost of resolving a single contract dispute.  Many business contracts developed by Allen Barron allow clients to modify important sections of the agreement to fit the specific situation at hand.  Once a contract is developed, our clients can employ it with the confidence that they are conducting business in a legally sound manner that maximizes the opportunity for profit.

California is one of the most legally complex states in which to do business.  Contracts downloaded from a forms site or copied off of the internet will not hold up when a dispute develops.  Effective business contracts guide transactions to successful conclusions and prevent needless disputes and delays.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.