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Legal Services for an Evolving Business Climate

Legal Services for an Evolving Business Climate - Janathan L. Allen APC

Allen Barron, through Janathan L. Allen, APC provides a complete palette of legal services for an evolving business climate here in San Diego and around the world.  In addition to our tax, accounting and business advisory offerings Janathan L. Allen, APC provides legal services to support our domestic and international business and corporate clients.

We help clients to form new business entities including LLCs, S Corporations, C Corporations and California Professional Corporations or PCs.  We help you to select the best business entity based upon the unique nature of your business and your short and long term goals for your new company.  We craft supporting documents including operating agreements or shareholders’ agreements that protect the owners and investors in your company while establishing critical understandings up front including but not limited to:

  • The roles of each owner / investor
  • The distribution of income or profit
  • Buy / sell agreements or Shareholders’ agreements
  • Valuation of ownership interests in the event of the death or incapacitation, or life events such as divorce or bankruptcy

Effective legal services for an evolving business climate require strong, enforceable and yet sometimes flexible contracts.  Contracts are the foundation of all business transactions and relationships.  Tailored business contracts ensure that your company’s transactions are completed smoothly and profitably.  A soundly crafted business contract clearly identifies the roles of each party, the “benefit of the bargain” each is to receive and the terms and conditions which apply to the transaction or relationship.  Clearly written and comprehensive contracts guide the parties through each step, anticipating the challenges which may arise and the process for resolving them.

Re-establishing international business relationships and supply chain partners continues to be a high priority as the world continues to wrestle with the pandemic.  Licensing, distribution and vendor contracts should be updated to reflect business realities while protecting existing business and relationships.

Our business advisory team provides sound counsel and guidance at each step of the growth of your company, and our legal team assists with mergers and acquisitions, stock purchase agreements, asset purchase contracts.  When the time comes to sell your business we help to prepare the company for sale and support you through negotiations, due diligence, as well as all details and contracts associated with the transaction itself.

If you are looking for effective legal services for an evolving business climate we invite you to contact us or call today to schedule a free consultation at 866-631-3470.  Ask how the integration of our legal, tax, accounting and business advisory services leverages economies of scale while providing you with a competitive advantage.