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You Have the Right to Appeal California and IRS Tax Collections

US and California taxpayers have the right to appeal California and IRS tax collections.  The IRS and California’s BOE, EDD and FTB have extensive powers to put levies against your bank accounts, as well as file a wage garnishment and reduce your paycheck.  They can place liens against your house or other assets.  You have rights.

Allen Barron’s approach to tax collections ensures that you have the best opportunity to resolve your delinquent tax issue and get the IRS or California tax agents off your back.  We manage the appeals process and ensure that all deadlines are met, and that your rights are protected before the IRS or California tax agency.  We aggressively negotiate to help our clients to achieve a resolution they can afford, while preventing the draconian powers of the tax agencies from coming to bear on you and your family.

Protect yourself, and contact us for a free consultation at 866.631-3470.  Learn about Allen Barron’s experience and expertise in tax matters and your rights before the IRS or California tax authorities.  You should never speak with the IRS or California tax agents directly.  Allen Barron will handle all communications, represent you in your appeal, and help you to regain control of your financial life.