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Allen Barron’s Approach to Tax Collections

Defend and Appeal Audits, Offers in Compromise, Fresh Start and Payment Plans

Allen Barron’s approach to tax collections is designed to put an immediate stop to IRS and California tax collection efforts while protecting our client’s short and long-term financial interests.

A recently completed analysis revealed that 1 in 6 US taxpayers either do not agree with the IRS and California tax agencies over what they owe, or simply cannot pay the taxes that are due. These are not criminals, nor are they actively trying to evade the payment of taxes. They simply cannot pay the amount they owe the IRS or California in a single payment. The IRS reports that more than 10 million US taxpayers owe the government more than $10,000. You cannot simply put your head down and ignore things. The IRS and California tax agencies have far too much power. How can Allen Barron help if you owe the IRS or California for back taxes, and are having issues with tax collectors?

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Liens, Levies and Garnishment

If a taxpayer owns a significant asset, the IRS and California can place a lien against those assets which must be paid when the asset is sold. Liens have a significant impact on credit ratings, and the ability to obtain the lines of credit needed to maintain or grow a business. However, the harshest tactics of IRS and California tax collectors are levies and garnishment. The IRS, FTB, BOE and EDD have the ability to seize money in your personal and business bank accounts, and any monies that will be deposited in the future. This is called a “levy”. In addition, the IRS and California’s tax agencies can garnish your wages and income, requiring you to pay a portion of every payment or paycheck you receive to pay your tax debt.

“If they seize my bank accounts and garnish my wages how am I supposed to live, keep working and ever be in a position to pay what I owe?”

The IRS has established a national “cost of living” model that determines how much you are able to keep in order to have a home, purchase gas and live. The cost of living in California is significantly higher than almost every other part of the nation, and the vast majority of Californians who attempt to work through garnishments or other programs with the IRS find that they simply cannot afford to live based on what the IRS allows under this “cost of living” model.

“I can’t afford to live on what they are going to allow me to keep. The garnishment is too much. What am I supposed to do, quit my job and move?”

How Can Allen Barron’s Approach to Tax Collections Help if You Owe The IRS or California for Back Taxes?

Allen Barron’s approach to tax collections allows you to work with experienced and seasoned tax attorneys who have established a successful track record of resolving tax collection cases with the IRS and California taxing agencies. Our tax attorneys have many tools available to relieve the burden of IRS and California taxing agency collection tactics, and can help you to work through these challenges in a way that you can manage.

For those who qualify, it is possible to submit an “Offer in Compromise” or negotiate directly with the IRS, FTB, EDD or BOE to deeply discount and resolve outstanding back taxes that are owed. Allen Barron’s attorneys often negotiate payment plans that can extend the amount owed to 1 to 3 years for businesses, and up to 7 years for individual taxpayers.

You Will Not Even Have to Deal With Tax Collectors Yourself – Stop the Calls, Letters and Harassment

Allen Barron’s approach to tax collection will manage all communications with the IRS and other tax agencies on your behalf. You will not have to deal with the IRS or tax collectors again. We have access to IRS and California revenue officers and tax agents, and have the ability to stand up to these agencies and negotiate settlements that individual taxpayers and businesses cannot achieve on their own. There are many programs relating to delinquent taxes within the IRS and California’s tax agencies that are not publicized. The rules, applications and processes associated with these programs are highly complex and are designed to make it hard for taxpayers to understand and comply.

There is Relief for Those Who Owe the IRS and California Tax Agencies

Allen Barron provides a unique combination of services including tax attorneys, CPAs, accountants, and tax preparation. We can go immediately to work on your case, eliminating the pressure of calls and communications with the IRS or other tax collectors. We work aggressively and effectively to gain access to accounts and funds that have been seized by an IRS levy. We help to reduce or put a stop to wage garnishment and negotiate significant tax reductions when possible. We work with the IRS and California tax agencies to develop a payment schedule that allow you to live in California and work your way out of these challenges.



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