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Allen Barron Protects You From California and IRS Collections

Allen Barron protects our clients from the aggressive tactics of California and IRS Collections agents including wage garnishment and bank levies.  The inability to pay the entire amount of taxes you owe the IRS or California does not make you a criminal, and there are several strategies that Allen Barron can provide to help you to work through the financial challenges associated with delinquent taxes.  Our approach to tax collections puts a stop to aggressive collection efforts and puts you in greater control of your own financial situation.

The cost of living indexes used by the IRS do not reflect the actual cost of living here in California.  Many local taxpayers are shocked by what the IRS provides for them to “live on”, and face what can appear to be a hopeless financial crisis.  Our seasoned tax attorneys have deep experience working with the IRS and California collection agents.  We are almost always able to negotiate a more reasonable and affordable resolution to your back tax bill, and protect your income so that you can afford to live while recovering from the challenge of delinquent taxes.

There is hope!  If you owe the IRS or the California BOE, FTB or EDD back taxes we can help.  Put a stop to wage garnishment and bank levies, as well as the harassing phone calls and mail.  Contact experienced tax collection attorneys at 866-631-3470 for a free and substantial consultation.  There is a way through this challenge, and Allen Barron will work to take the burdens from your shoulders and help you to take back control of your financial situation.