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An IRS Field Audit in San Diego

What is an IRS Field Audit and why should you be concerned by this?  It means the IRS wants to come visit you in your home, or at your office.

An IRS Field Audit is as serious an audit as you can face, and the genuine risk is what we call “audit creep” or “scope creep” – they are looking for an excuse to go into prior year tax returns (or subsequent returns).  The IRS will be requesting a lot of information, and you must be extremely cautious about the information provided, and the context in which you communicate this information.  We strongly advise that you seek counsel if you have been contacted for an IRS Field Audit.

You simply cannot face an IRS field audit without representation from experienced and seasoned IRS and California tax attorneys based here in San Diego.  You need protection.  You need guidance.  You need someone who can help you to stand up to the IRS and hold them accountable to follow the rules and stay on specific track for the scope and purpose of the audit.

If you talk to a CPA, tax accountant or other financial advisor, everything you say, every email you share, every note from their files can be subpoenaed by the IRS.  As your tax attorney, I can extend the protections of the attorney-client privilege.  This is a strong legal defense that prevents the IRS from accessing the information we discuss, our communications or any other detail about your financial information or taxes that you’ve discussed to us.

If you are facing an IRS audit we invite you to contact us or call today to schedule a free consultation at 866-631-3470. Understand your rights.   Protect yourself.  Protect your bank accounts.  Finally, remember that as soon as your IRS audit is complete, the California tax authorities are anxiously waiting to knock on your door and pick up where the IRS leaves off.