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Are You Searching for an Experienced San Diego IRS Tax Attorney

Are you facing an IRS audit, bank levy or wage garnishment?  Are you searching for an experienced San Diego IRS tax attorney who can stand up to the IRS and protect your interests?

Janathan Allen has decades of experience protecting domestic and international business and individual clients from the formidable powers of the IRS.  The IRS has the ability to levy your bank accounts, seize your assets, file a wage garnishment against your income or assets, place a lien against your home or assets and generally make life miserable.

We remove all of those issues from our client’s shoulders and handle all direct communications with the IRS on their behalf.  It is not in the best interest of any US taxpayer to communicate directly with the IRS.

Unfortunately, most taxpayers provide far too much information in these conversations or through the mail in an effort to get on the IRS’ good side.  The IRS uses this information against the taxpayer to increase the amount of taxes owed, or to seize bank accounts, income and assets.  This is why you need to speak with an experienced San Diego tax attorney at Allen Barron for a free consultation.

If you have received a notification letter from the IRS regarding an IRS audit, the seizure or levy of a bank account or a wage garnishment you must act immediately.  Contact Allen Barron or call today to speak with an experienced San Diego IRS tax attorneyat no cost for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

Ask about the protections of the attorney client privilege and how we can help to shield and protect your information from the IRS.  Learn about the results we have achieved for other clients who faced similar challenges with the IRS or California’s tax agencies.

Ask about our unique approach to tax collection defense and our strategies to help you to reach an agreement with the IRS that you can live with and work through.

On your own, the deck is heavily stacked against you.  The forms and formulas used by the IRS to calculate payment agreements are based upon income and expense models that simply don’t work here in San Diego.  Learn how an experienced San Diego IRS tax attorney at Allen Barron can protect you, achieve the best result possible and help you to get quickly onto the road of financial recovery and freedom from worry about the IRS.