As tax season gets underway, many California individuals may be looking forward to and planning what to do with their tax refund. While looking forward to a return can keep the idea of taxes a positive one, fear of audits may add a level of stress to the situation. Luckily, keeping a close eye on how the taxes are prepared could keep an individual from raising any red flags.

One way to keep tax returns on track is to have them filed by a legitimate preparer, if individuals do not file taxes themselves. If the person preparing the taxes is not a trusted party, mistakes could easily be made, and the IRS may wish to conduct an audit. Looking out for unrealistic claims made by the preparation company could help spot an untrustworthy party.

Whether the return is prepared by a trustworthy source or by the filers themselves, it is important that the documents are accurate. If the IRS notices discrepancies due to typos or mathematical errors, an audit could be on the horizon in order to get to the bottom of the issue. Ensuring that all figures are correct and in the correct form location and that all personal information is correct could reduce the risk of causing suspicion.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that they will not face tax audits in their lifetime. However, taking the proper precautions to ensure that the correct information is submitted could make a helpful difference. If a California resident has concerns about their taxes, they may wish to look into information on state and federal tax laws that could help them better understand their situation.

Source:, Tax Hacks 2014: 8 Tips to Avoid an Audit, Allison Martin, Jan. 22, 2014


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