Allen Barron’s business advisory services for buying or selling a business in San Diego provide clients with access to proven in-depth experience and expertise, supported by legal, tax and accounting services.  You should always be prepared to sell your business, even though you have no present plans to let go of your company.  For example, a recent client was approached by a large multi-national corporation who wanted to acquire the company and integrate their intellectual property and technical expertise.  If you are not prepared for an unexpected illness, injury or a potentially lucrative knock on your door it can take a year or longer to prepare your company for takeover or sale.

Allen Barron’s business advisory team guides our clients through many aspects of business ownership.  We help clients to grow through every step in the “The Life Cycle of a Business” and provide valuable insight based upon decades of experience managing businesses from a small local concern to a multi-national manufacturing and distribution corporation.  Take advantage of our business advisory services for buying or selling a business in San Diego.  We help buyers to understand the potential risks and lucrative gains associated with an Asset Purchase or a Stock purchase.  Mergers and acquisitions can take many forms and the key to business today is the ability to make informed decisions in an immediate time frame while keeping your company prepared for any attractive offer that might arise.

These opportunities and risks are quite different from the perspective of a “buyer” or a “seller.”  Our legal team ensures all contracts and associated legal paperwork are properly structured and carefully crafted to protect our client’s interests.  Our tax attorneys analyze the transaction and provide insight into the best manner to structure the deal to minimize tax implications while maximizing short and long-term profitability.  Our accounting team helps to prepare crucial financials and conduct extensive forensic accounting and due diligence.  Learn more about buying or selling a business in San Diego and contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

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