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How will International Business Change in the Coming Months?

The question of the hour for many multi-national conglomerates and San Diego businesses with international distribution and supply channels is “How will international business change in the coming months?”  The answer is surrounded in a cloud of Washington posturing and floated proposals.  One thing seems certain: The United States Government and the IRS want to be able to more efficiently and thoroughly track the movement of money and corporate assets around the globe and tax American business entities for all of their income regardless of where it is generated.

For the time being we can only focus on the tax laws in place, and this will in all likelihood govern business as we know it through the rest of 2017.  Even if a new corporate tax policy was passed the implementation of these policies and the ensuing court battles may delay practical changes to present business strategy.  In the meanwhile, the IRS remains focused upon Multi-National Entities (MNEs) and corporate transfers of goods and services between affiliated business entities around the world.  Their concern is a perceived abuse of transfer pricing as a method to shield corporate income from taxation, and the implementation of layered corporate structures which allow income to be realized in international tax jurisdictions that provide lower rates of taxation.

Regardless of which way the wind is blowing and international business change or policy that may develop you will need a business partner with the legal and tax expertise, accounting services and business advisory experience to help solve challenges and position your company or business empire for maximum growth in the coming months.  Allen Barron brings multiple disciplines crucial for international business success under a single-vendor providing a much broader and deeper insight into corporate decision making and informational or market analysis.  Our clients value our practical and insightful vision as well as the cost-efficient services that leverage economies of scale while providing a broad spectrum of corporate services.

How will international business change in the coming months or years, and what can you do to position your company for success?  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.