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Integrated Legal and Contract Work Supports Tax and Other Important Business Services

Our integrated legal and contract work supports tax, accounting and other important business services Allen Barron provides to its clients.  Legal services include everything from business contracts to employment law compliance, from intellectual property to business succession planning.  Legal services are required at every step of The Business Life Cycle from business formation through growth and expansion.  Ultimately, a successful business may undertake an asset purchase or use a stock purchase transaction to merge with or acquire a competitor.  Allen Barron’s legal team help prepare your business for sale and guide you through the process of an exist strategy and preparing for your next venture.

Each of these legal services connects with a larger business purpose.  For example, registering and protecting your company’s intellectual property increases the valuation of your company while opening new opportunities to expand your business and operations.  Should you license your intellectual property?  Will your company’s intellectual property open new vertical markets or expand your business into new international markets?

Is your company working across state or international borders?  The tax impact of the water’s edge election in California protects the balance of your earnings across the nation and around the world.  International business clients value the higher perspective and deeper insight Allen Barron’s integrated approach can offer when solving a challenge or approaching new opportunities.  Forming a new company can be quite complex.  If you have a constellation of other business enterprises Allen Barron’s professionals guide the selection of your new entity and the organization of transactions across the affiliated businesses to minimize your tax burden and maximize profitability.

All business owners should integrate a business succession plan into the operating agreement or corporate documents of their business, and coordinate this with personal estate and trust planning as well as domestic and international tax strategies.  This is why Allen Barron’s integrated legal and contract work is supported by tax, accounting, and business advisory services.  Our client’s value the economies of scale and the greater perspective and quality of advice they receive when working with Allen Barron.  How can Allen Barron’s integrated legal and contract work, tax, accounting and business advisory services lower costs and enhance your ability to make informed and timely business decisions?  We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.