Menu A copyright or trademark is the legal ownership of a piece of intellectual property (IP). As the owner of a copyrighted tagline, piece of music, film script, book or trademarks in the form of logos, for example, you have the legal right to be paid when someone else uses your property.

What Is Copyright Or Trademark Infringement?

Tax Legal Accounting Business ServicesCopyright and trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of your intellectual property. If you are concerned about the unauthorized use of what is yours, talk to a lawyer who can help. Copyrights, patents, trademarks and all intellectual property must be carefully monitored to protect against unauthorized use by other companies or individuals. If you do not protect your intellectual property, the individual legal protections can be diminished or eliminated altogether. Protect your corporate and personal intellectual property and work with Allen Barron to develop an appropriate IP strategy.

Assistance With Critical Intellectual Property Matters, Worldwide

At Allen Barron we consult with businesses regarding pivotal copyright issues and other intellectual property matters, including trademarks, that can have a pervasive impact on their success. Equipped with substantial experience protecting the copyrights and trademarks of many small and medium-sized businesses, we can assist you in addressing matters such as:

Protect your Intellectual Property

As an organization with a worldwide clientele and a holistic perspective that encompasses copyright law, business, tax and accounting, we advise companies located in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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