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IRS Garnishes Wages of 4% of Social Security Administration Employees

The IRS has filed wage garnishment against 4% of Social Security Administration employees this past December, according to a recently published report by the SSA Office of Inspector General.  Federal employment requires that all taxes are paid in a timely manner, and the high percentage of the SSA workforce is an embarassment to the agency as well as the IRS.

Wage garnishment is an aggressive tactic the IRS uses when back taxes are owed to the IRS, and the taxpayer does not make other arragements to pay the taxes due.  IRS wage garnishment is especially painful here in California, as the federally mandated formula for establishing the percentage the IRS can take out of your wages does not change state to state.  It is much more expensive to live and work here in California, and an IRS wage garnishment can make it difficult if not impossible to pay your basic bills, let alone cover necessary expenses.

If you have been contacted by the IRS or received a notification of the intent to garnish you wages we invite you to contact us immediately for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.  We can help to protect many clients from these draconian collection tactics and in many cases preserve more of your income.