There are several possible mergers and acquisitions strategies for 2016 for a San Diego business.  What is the best opportunity for your business to grow?  What are your long term plans as the owner of the business?  Are you planning a merger, acquisition or the sale of your company?  How can Allen Barron’s experienced business attorneys help you to accomplish those goals?

Purchasing part of a corporation or a competitor may be a good place to begin your thinking.  Are there specific assets that your competitor deploys that could help your business to grow?  Do you need vehicles, equipment, warehouse facilities, customers or distribution channels?  How do you begin to evaluate the market and potential candidates for acquisition?  In some cases, an asset purchase is a sound strategy to take the next step in your business growth.  An asset purchase enables you to selectively purchase specific equipment, assets and even customers from another business without exposing yourself to that company’s liabilities or indebtedness.

San Diego is home to many military contracts, and if you wish to acquire a company and their contracts with the government you must acquire the company itself, not just a portion of its assets.  A stock purchase could be deployed to take ownership of a company and all of its assets including government contracts and intellectual property.  The stock purchase exposes you to a bit more risk, as you will assume the debts, obligations and contingent liabilities associated with that business.  Is this in your best interest?

Selling a company is a challenging endeavor.  The buyer and the seller have separate and distinct interests that must be balanced in order to achieve a good transaction for both parties.  The business attorneys at Allen Barron have deep experience and expertise in these mergers and acquisition strategies, and can help to negotiate and structure the contracts that protect your interests while allowing you to move forward with your objectives.

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