If you need assistance with California tax return preparation or filing, or face issues with the FTB, EDD, or BOE regarding a tax collection, wage garnishment of levy we invite you to contact the experienced tax, accounting, business and legal professionals at Allen Barron.  We are uniquely positioned to assist California taxpayers with complex income tax returns due to business ownership, high income, offshore investment or trust income, or multiple sources of revenue.  Allen Barron’s tax preparation team will prepare your federal and state tax returns, and work to ensure that you have maximized every opportunity to use the legitimate tax deductions and tax credits you deserve.

Avoid the hassle of working with the FTB, or one of the national tax preparation companies.  You will enjoy the personal service and deep expertise Allen Barron brings to the process.  Most importantly, your information will remain protected from the IRS and California tax agencies due to the “attorney-client privilege.”  This legal protection is one of the oldest components of US law and absolutely protects all of the information you provide to our tax attorneys, as well as communications such as emails, texts and phone calls.  You can share all of your activities, concerns and issues openly with our seasoned professionals, knowing that we are here to help protect you and your information is soundly protected by attorney-client privilege.

It is important to be able to have an open, candid discussion with your tax preparer.  IRS and California tax return preparation has become much more complex over the past few years, and it is more important than ever to come into compliance with these tax agencies and to file substantive tax returns.  If you own a business, or are an individual with substantial income or offshore activity we invite you to call us for a free and substantive consultation at 866-631-3470.

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