The proposed law that we are about to talk about won’t apply here in California — but the idea it proposes is an interesting one. Pennsylvania lawmakers will consider a rule that would forgive the back property taxes that people over the age of 75 have incurred. Additionally, the law would also make counties and municipalities delay the sale of tax-delinquent property of a single homeowner at least 65 years of age or homeowners’ whose combined age is 130.

The rule, if accepted, would be an interesting law and it brings up the topic of back taxes. There are many people out there who have tax debt or back taxes, may those taxes be due to property or an individual tax filing.

Back taxes can become a huge issue for people who have them and fail to address them appropriately. In this case, many of these elderly homeowners may not have the means to deal with their tax issues. However, many other people do have the means to deal with their back taxes, but choose not to, either by ignoring the problem or failing to address it properly.

Remember, even though back taxes or general tax issues may be a daunting task, ignoring them is even worse than having the issue itself. When you let IRS calls or inquests go unnoticed, or if state tax collectors try to communicate with you and you ignore it, you will only make matters more difficult for yourself. Consult an experienced tax attorney, and be proactive about handling your tax issue.

Source:, “Pa. bill suggests forgiving seniors’ back taxes,” Emily Previti, Aug. 14, 2014


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