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Reasons for San Diego Small Business Optimism in 2015

San Diego small business is poised to continue strong growth in 2015, and optimistic forecasts by economists and small business owners themselves are encouraging.  San Diego has experienced strong job growth in many market sectors including biotech, technology, environmental science and health care.  These combined with a consistent defense sector and substantially increasing tourism are fueling what could be our best financial year since 2007.  60% of the area’s small businesses expect revenue and profits to increase in 2015, according to a recent Bank of America Small Business study.

Financing and attracting quality employees continue to be the greatest concerns facing area small business owners.  Recent developments with local lending entrepreneur “Dealstruck”, who just added $58 million to their small business lending portfolio and the upcoming small business Expo “Here’s the Money: Access to Capital” on Saturday May 30th are signals that investment capital is loosening and this is good news for small businesses.

As we conclude “Small Business Week”, we want to recognize our clients and the San Diego small business community.  Your spirit of leadership, risk taking, creativity, and daily actions are raising the quality of life here in our community.  63% of new jobs since 1999 have come from your ranks, and you are helping to lead San Diego into a new era of growth.

A look around town confirms the rapid growth in new construction, and leasehold improvements throughout the area.  What steps are you taking to expand your business and its opportunities?  What strategies will you employ in the second half of 2015 to make this your greatest year in business to date?

Allen Barron appreciates our business clients, and the opportunity to contribute to their growth and success.  Our broad business leadership experience and expertise helps us to provide sound business and legal counsel.  Our unique single source blend of accounting, taxation, legal and business expertise allows our clients to discuss ideas and strategies from a holistic point of view – how changes or actions will affect your business as a whole.

If you are interested in growing in 2015, and seek an experienced and proven business advisor who can guide your efforts we invite you to call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.  Let’s discuss your business, the challenges you face and your objectives for 2015 and beyon.  Together, we’ll craft a plan that will meet and exceed these goals, and help you to build the business you’ve always imagined.

Congratulations San Diego Small Business Owners.  You are the core of our community’s success.