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How Does a San Diego Small Business Survive Financial Setback?

In our fourth installment for “Small Business Week,” we turn to the issue of what happens when a San Diego small business finds itself struggling to survive a seemingly insurmountable challenge or setback.

“What steps can a small business owner take to save their business, turn things around and ultimately thrive?”

Our business motto “New Thinking, New Results” is anchored in the answer to this question.  Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.  The first step in a crisis is to do something different – and the best step you can take is to seek the advice and counsel of experienced and proven business counselors who have helped others to navigate through similar challenges.

At Allen Barron, our team of experienced business professionals have deep expertise owning and operating small businesses, to serving as the CEO for a multi-national well known technology company.  We invite you contact us at 866-631-3470 for a free and substantive consultation.  This important first step will break the patterns and associated hopelessness and help you to begin to move forward.

We have developed “tiger teams” that come into a business to provide short-term turn around expertise and immediate operational support.  We have helped businesses losing millions in the first quarter to post positive net gains of several million by the end of the year.  We have helped many small business clients to quickly resolve financial and strategic bottlenecks, and position their companies for sustained recovery and growth.

Business is almost never easy, and challenges are simply a part of being a business owner and entrepreneur.  The personality traits of successful business owners we discussed yesterday definitely apply to this conversation.  Remain open to new ideas, and new strategies.  Have the inquisitiveness and proactiveness to seek new input and proven guidance.

There are solutions to almost any business problem.  If one door has closed, there are multiple opportunities in other areas close by.  It helps to step back, and seek the perspective of an experienced partner who is not attached to the situation or “too close” to it to see things as they really are.  You can entrust your challenges to us, knowing we are not here to judge how you arrived at this point – we are here to help you to achieve your objectives and goals, and to set a new course to achieve them.