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Types of Business Disputes

Experienced and Proven Attorneys for Commercial and Business Disputes

There are many types of business disputes which arise during the course of commerce here in San Diego and across southern California. The experienced and proven attorneys for commercial and business disputes at Allen Barron have represented local business interests and commercial interests outside of California for decades. We work with our clients to establish clear objectives for the dispute. Our attorneys employ proven tactics and legal strategies to get to the core of the issue(s) in dispute and timely resolve them within a reasonable budget.

What Types of Business Disputes Do We Handle?

Allen Barron’s commercial and business dispute resolution team works with individuals and business interests of all sizes to resolve matters ranging from several thousand dollars to contingent liabilities into the millions. We have the experience, expertise and proven legal skill to help with your matter. What types of business disputes do we handle? We represent parties in all business lawsuits and disputes including but not limited to:

Allen Barron Can Successfully Resolve Your Commercial or Business Dispute

The experienced and proven commercial and business dispute resolution team at Allen Barron understands the goal of most business clients involved in a dispute or litigation: resolve the matter as soon as possible and at a reasonable and realistic cost.

The majority of these types of business disputes are actually resolved through skilled negotiation. Allen Barron’s litigation team work with you to define the outcome you wish to accomplish. We work to engage other parties in the dispute and work constructively to open productive negotiations. We quickly and accurately identify the source(s) of dispute, the factors which have led to the issues at hand and identifying options to account for what has happened while restoring the opportunity for the parties to realize the original “benefit of the bargain.”

It may be necessary to amend the agreement in exchange for just compensation in order to allow the transaction or relationship to continue. Mediation may help to resolve substantial differences of opinion or matters of principle. Arbitration may be a cost-effective and timely alternative to going to court.

Allen Barron’s commercial and business dispute team are proven trial attorneys. We prepare every case as if it will be placed before the court. We are able to represent our clients in every step of the resolution process to ensure the best opportunity to most quickly resolve the matter in a way which reflects our client’s desired outcome at a reasonable cost.

You need attorneys who are prepared to resolve all types of business disputes in an efficient manner



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