Or write a much smaller check that will reduce the cost of the audit?  If you have been contacted by the IRS for a field audit or office audit it is important to understand they have already developed a strategy for your audit.  They have a revenue target associated with your audit, and you would not have been selected if it wasn’t a significant figure.  Are you prepared to write a large check during an IRS audit or would you like to save some money, time and stress?  I have represented taxpayers before the IRS for decades.  I can tell you that the costs of our services to represent and defend you from the IRS during an audit are less than what we will save you during your IRS audit.  Our IRS audit team can also provide some needed peace of mind during the experience.

Why shouldn’t you represent yourself?  The fact is most US taxpayers would rather have teeth pulled than face an IRS audit.  It is an intimidating and frustrating experience.  The IRS asks a taxpayer for specific information.  This request provides us with an insight into their strategy for your audit.  You should never communicate with the IRS directly.  The simple fact is that most taxpayers provide far too much information in response to the IRS request in order to appear like a good person, a cooperative citizen and an honest taxpayer.  The IRS doesn’t care about any of that.  They are in touch with you for one reason only: to achieve as much revenue as possible on your audit.  It doesn’t matter how nice or cooperative or informed you are.  The IRS looks at your audit as a substantial revenue source.  They will take the information you provide and use it against you to expand the scope of your audit, increasing the amount of the check you will write at the end.

I invite you to download our free white paper “What to Expect from an IRS Audit.”  You can either write a large check during an IRS audit, or a smaller check at the beginning of the process.  We handle all communications with the IRS on your behalf.  You don’t even have to appear for the audit.  We aggressively protect your interests and hold the IRS accountable to all tax codes, US law and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  Our clients appreciate the cost savings we provide, and the peace of mind they receive from avoiding contact with the IRS and the confidence of knowing we are protecting their bank account and interests.  If you have been contacted by the IRS for a field audit or office audit you should never face the IRS alone.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

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