Numbers, numbers, so many numbers! How do you turn numbers in and get results back ASAP? Here are some quick tips to help you get your tax and accounting work completed in a timely manner:

1. Sign and return your Engagement Letter & Retainer quickly.

  • We cannot begin your work without your permission. We need that written authorization to begin. Even if we have all of the information necessary, we cannot start until we receive your signed engagement letter and retainer.

2. Know your project manager.

  • Know who is in charge of your project, and who is working on that project for you.
    • Request the name of your project manager/ preparer.
    • Keep that person or persons’ name/s in a convenient place so that your calls or e-mails will be routed correctly.
      • Communicate directly with the project manager or tax preparer. Ask for their direct e-mail and phone extension.

      3. Respond to document requests in a timely manner.

      • No tax or accounting projects can be completed without your information; no accountant or tax preparer has access to your personal or business information. You need to provide it.
      • If you do not understand a document request, call immediately and ask for clarification. If we requested a document, we can’t proceed until we have received that document.
      • Turn in complete documents.
        • Missing and incomplete documents delay the process.
        • i.e. 2 pages of a 3 page statement are not enough. We will not be able to begin work without a complete document.

        Review the documents that you are providing. It’s always better to provide the originals but when providing a copy make sure:

        • If you copied an odd sized document, please review the copy to ensure that the entire document is visible and on the correct size paper.
        • That double sided documents are copied or scanned on both sides.
        • That the copy is clear and shows the entire document top to bottom, side to side.
        • That there is sufficient ink or toner to provide a clear dark copy.

        4. Respond to questions in a timely manner and with complete answers and supporting documents.

        • i.e. “Did you have a retirement account at year end?” – If the answer is “yes,” respond yes, and provide the year end statement.

        5. Return phone calls promptly.

        • If we opted to call rather than to e-mail you, a quick answer to our question may complete or move your project along right away.
        • If you provide us with your cell carrier, we can text you via e-mail for quick questions.

        Following these guidelines may help diminish the time to completion for your project and help us get you the best possible work product in the least amount of time.

        If you have any questions about your tax and/or accounting needs, please call our great team at Allen Barron, Inc. at 866-631-3470 for a complimentary, initial consultation.


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