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California BOE Investing in New Systems to Increase Tax Collections

The California Board of Equalization or BOE is in the midst of a major IT upgrade, implementing new computer systems with the goal of increasing the agency’s abilty to identify and collect more than $200 million a year from “errant tax filers and cheats.”

The BOE’s “Centralized Revenue Opportunity System” or CROS is designed to more effectively analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources to identify opportunities to collect more taxes.  CROS will consolidate more than 100 separate systems and programs, with the goal of increasing the BOE’s effectiveness at catching anomolies in tax returns, sales tax collection and reporting.

All California tax agencies and even the IRS are investing heavily in new systems to more effectively audit taxpayers.  If you have been contacted by the BOE, the IRS or any other tax agency you should not deal with them directly.  We invite you to call us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.