If we could give one piece of advice to all US taxpayers it would be this: don’t provide the IRS any more information than absolutely necessary to complete your tax return and any associated forms or worksheets.  If they don’t ask for it, don’t provide it.  If the IRS asks you for additional information this should be a huge red flag to you.  Don’t provide anything to the IRS until you have spoken with the IRS tax and audit attorneys at Allen Barron.

US taxpayers provide far too much information to the IRS.  The IRS delights in this.  It opens doors they otherwise would not be able to walk through – doors into your pocketbook and checking account.  We know … you want the IRS to know that you are cooperative and you want to appear honest and above board.  The IRS doesn’t make any judgment upon your honesty when they are reviewing your return or preparing for an audit.  That will come during the audit itself.  Every IRS audit has specific objectives, unique details that have pulled your return out of the stack for review by an IRS revenue officer.

The experienced IRS tax attorneys at Allen Barron are quite skilled at discerning the target of the information request, and the area the IRS is likely interested in.  We are able to respond on your behalf and will only provide the IRS with the exact information they have requested.  We handle all communications on your behalf, and have the knowledge and standing to ask questions of the IRS on your behalf and challenge them when they are wrong (as they often are).  Recently, one of our clients received a notice of intent to levy for more than $2,500, even though their corporate taxes were paid in full.  The intent to levy means they are preparing to attach your assets and sweep your bank accounts.  When we inquired, the IRS said the taxpayer was paid in full and there was no such bill owing in their system.

This is one example.  In many cases we must actually educate IRS revenue officers on tax law and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  Don’t provide the IRS any more information than absolutely necessary, and if contacted by the IRS we invite you to contact Allen Barron for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

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