There are many potential employee benefit issues that can arise as your business grows, which is one reason why business lawyers in San Diego are so vital to local businesses. Clients can count on an experienced business lawyer to provide sound advice, expert planning and practical knowledge on virtually any employee benefit issue. Some employee benefit issues are more common and serious, however. Four especially important potential issues to consider are employee benefit plans, disability and workers’ compensation, employment contracts and executive compensation.

1. Employee Benefit Plans

Most potential employees consider benefits packages as much as they do salary when considering whether to take a job. This may include any number of different medical care packages, which may only cover basic health or may extend to vision and dental, as well. And then there are other benefits, including 401(k), life insurance, paid vacation and more. There are legal repercussions for all these benefits, though, which employers must consider.

2. Disability and Workers’ Compensation

When workers suffer illnesses or injuries due to work-related incidents, employers are often required by law to pay employee benefits, including workers’ compensation and disability insurance. It’s important to be aware of what your rights and responsibilities as an employer are.

3. Employment Contracts

When entering into any contract, both parties have rights and responsibilities. When that contract is between an employee and an employer, there are serious legal issues to consider, because an employee may have the right to litigate if the employer does not hold up their end of the bargain.

4. Executive Compensation

Companies are required by law to be transparent about the compensation packages they offer to CEOs and other executives. It’s important to comply with these laws to avoid serious consequences. Business lawyers can help.

A legal service provider such as Janathan L. Allen, APC can work with a business of any size to make sure these issues don’t lead to more serious problems. This firm in particular provides a number of services to businesses in a variety of industries, with specialized expertise in mergers, acquisitions, corporate governance and entity formation. Such firms can provide advice, strategy, guidance and assurance of absolute compliance. If your business is forming an entity, hiring new employees, changing your benefits packages, deciding on executive compensation packages, coping with workers’ compensation issues or facing any other benefit-related issues, a business lawyer from an experienced law firm can help.

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