Allen Barron is developing a new palette of service offerings with integrated legal tax accounting and business advisory services for business owners and entrepreneurs.  “Many business owners are looking for a single source integrated legal and tax  as we;; as accounting and business advisory services company with deep expertise where they can entrust any “problems” which arise.  They want a partner they can trust to hand a challenge to knowing it will be handled in an expert, efficient and cost-effective manner.  This allows them to manage unexpected problems and challenges while keeping their focus on the day-to-day operations of their business,” said Janathan Allen, a Partner in Allen Barron.

“Today’s business problems are much more complex requiring an integrated approach from multiple disciplines.”  Allen Barron can provide access to an array of services with integrated legal tax accounting and business advisory services.  Our clients value the depth of experience and expertise we bring to any challenge.  Our business advisory team is led by Richard Barron who has served as an officer in local, regional, national and international business entities and conglomerates.  Janathan Allen has extensive domestic and international tax expertise and manages the firm’s accounting and legal operations as well.

“Our team excels at getting to the root of a problem, identifying genuine options and making recommendations that resolve the issue at hand while positioning our client for new opportunities downstream,” Ms. Allen continued.  “A client can walk in the door, sit down with experts representing a breadth of knowledge across several disciplines and describe the problem they are wrestling with.  Our team provides immediate informed insight and action steps to alleviate immediate stress points.  The client leaves with peace of mind knowing we’ve handled similar issues, and with an understanding of what to expect going forward.  Our clients value the candid insight and the efficient manner with which we get to the core of a conversation.  It’s timely, efficient and cost-effective.  It also ultimately resolves their challenge.”

Allen Barron offers a free initial consultation.  We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 to learn about our integrated legal tax accounting and business advisory services and how they can support your business goals and objectives.


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