Allen Barron provides integrated high level business consulting services to provide a competitive advantage to our clients.  The business climate today is fast paced and quickly evolving.  Important business decisions must be taken quickly.  Business owners and executives require integrated information from multiple disciplines to inform complex decision making.  Today more than ever the questions facing executive management are complex and intertwined.  How will the structure of entity “x” affect the tax liabilities of company “y” and the distribution of products in various parts of the world?

In addition to the demands of managing the timely delivery of products and services you must ensure compliance with California’s extensive commercial code and regulatory requirements.  Allen Barron provides seasoned experienced insight, tools, strategies and counsel to keep you ahead of the curve.  Information must be collected at multiple points throughout the organization and seamlessly fed into accounting, supply chain management, personnel and management systems corporate-wide.  Dashboards are required to provide executives with up-to-date information on a moment’s notice.  You need a single source whom you can entrust your challenges to with confidence.  How should we handle this employee issue?  What are the tax ramifications of inter-company transfers and transfer pricing decisions?  What impact will California’s water’s edge election have upon business today and in the future?

Money needs to come into the United States.  Investors around the world view the United States as a potential tax haven.  This represents an opportunity for corporate investment and access to international talent and resources.  How should you structure the transactions.  How should you manage offshore bank and investment accounts and what are you doing to help H1-B visa workers and other foreign nationals in your employ who face challenges with the IRS?

Today’s business climate requires more effective planning, efficient systems, accurate capture of information and the ability to move on a moment’s notice.  The integrated high level business consulting services of Allen Barron working in concert with our tax, legal and accounting teams ensures your company gains a competitive edge.  It can also be the difference between the right decision and resulting profitability, and a lawsuit or tax audit.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

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