The IRS announced plans to retire the automated PIN system for filing returns electronically, due to extensive hacking and compromised personal and business information of more than half a million US taxpayers.  Despite its best efforts the IRS has not been able to protect your business information or your personal data.  How can your business protect its information, meet all tax reporting obligations and work with a cost-effective legal, tax and accounting partner to reduce costs, increase business effectiveness and secure proprietary business information?  Allen Barron provides a single source offering of tax, legal and accounting services for business and individual taxpayers.  Our model allows you to receive a more comprehensive picture from multiple disciplines who are working in concert to accomplish your goals, while reducing costs through economies of scale and coordinated work flow.

Alone, a CPA cannot provide legal perspective or the insight of an experienced domestic and international tax attorney.  Your CPA or bookkeeper is also unable to provide the valuable protections of the attorney-client privilege which is an absolute protection from the IRS or business creditors who attempt to compel their work notes and communications during an audit or lawsuit.  Other attorneys may have one form of expertise (business) but not another (tax), and cannot provide accounting and business advisory services with the experience and expertise available through Allen Barron.

Instead of requiring a separate business attorney, tax attorney, CPA, accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparer, Allen Barron provides all of these services with unified perspective.   You are able to discuss the business impact of a proposed action, purchase, merger or accounting issue with your Allen Barron team and gain broad insight across multiple disciplines from a single meeting.  This provides better and more substantive information from which to make important business decisions.

We work directly with the IRS and carefully manage all submissions and protect your personal and business tax returns and information from external hacking.  You do not have to go to the IRS for back copies of forms – we provide them quickly and easily.  Allen Barron will protect your business information and provide additional layers of security that are not available through other business professionals.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.


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