Are you searching for ways to gain access to new markets and increased opportunity?  One option is to leverage your corporate intellectual property to increase revenue and profitability.  Intellectual Property (IP) includes trademarks, patents, copyrights and any form of unique invention or processes including but not limited to logos, brands, slogans, original video or musical compositions, written materials, inventions or software.  Allen Barron’s intellectual property attorneys will help you to properly register for protection of your intellectual property and develop agreements to license the use of your IP to companies who will take it into new markets across the nation or around the world.

Allen Barron’s skilled intellectual property attorneys help to negotiate, draft and enforce intellectual property agreements which protect your ownership and rights while allowing others to utilize your IP to enhance their own business opportunities in return for providing your company with appropriate compensation.  The integrated business, legal, tax and accounting teams of Allen Barron help to protect you against intellectual property infringement while providing the opportunity to license your IP, especially in international markets.

This protects your intellectual property from theft and from internal disputes between members in an LLC, shareholders or employees.  Our agreements ensure your IP is protected while others leverage your corporate intellectual property to increase revenue in exchange for fees, royalties or other appropriate compensation.  We protect your IP against infringement or illegal use and set up the appropriate mechanisms to track its use and ensure you collect appropriate compensation based upon the agreement in place.

It is one thing to ensure your IP is properly registered and protected.  It is quite another to establish joint ventures, licensing agreements or other strategies to leverage your corporate intellectual property to increase revenue opportunities.  We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation to learn how Allen Barron’s intellectual property attorneys can help you to register, protect and leverage the valuable intellectual property your company has developed.

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