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Intellectual Property Agreements for International Business

Intellectual Property Agreements for International Business San Diego

Allen Barron’s Intellectual Property (IP) services position your company to leverage intellectual property agreements and international business opportunities to expand markets and increase profits. Our experienced legal team provides much more than the registration of intellectual property. We help you to put it to work around the globe.

San Diego is home to some of the most innovative and advanced high tech businesses in the US. Our clients have significant opportunity to deploy intellectual property from mechanical inventions to software code and tangible slogans, images, videos, logos and music to cutting-edge technology or other ideas and concepts. The key is to allow others to leverage your intellectual property to advance their own business in return for royalties or a percentage of the action.

One must be prudent and exercise precautions to prevent intellectual property theft or infringement. Allen Barron’s legal team will help to develop the licensing agreements which provide permission to other parties to use specific intellectual property in a specific manner, geography or industry. There are many different types of licensing agreements and it is important to work with the experienced intellectual property and contract attorneys at Allen Barron to protect your IP while ensuring payment and contract fulfillment by the other party or parties.

Allen Barron helps you to take advantage of intellectual property agreements and international business opportunities to expand your business overseas to Latin America and Asia. We often help clients to separate new intellectual properties from existing inventions or products so they may be licensed to new users. This expands the reach and profitability of your company while maximizing the value of the intellectual property you have developed. We help to resolve IP disputes between partners, members in an LLC or shareholders in a corporation. When the time comes to sell part or all of your company or intellectual property, Allen Barron can help you to structure the transaction and carefully craft the agreements and contracts which guide the transaction to a successful conclusion.

The key to intellectual property agreements and international business is to your intellectual property is protected, and those who license it provide proper accountability and payment for the use of your IP. We invite you to contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation to learn more about protecting your IP and licensing it here in the United States and around the world.