You should be primarily concerned about protecting yourself in a San Diego IRS audit to make sure you aren’t providing additional information and leverage to the IRS.  The first thing you need to know – it’s not in your best interest to speak or communicate directly with the IRS.  The IRS revenue officers or auditors are trained interrogators.  They know how to draw information out of you that you should not and are not required to provide.  They often begin these days with a letter requesting clarification or information.  It may appear quite harmless, but this is the first step in an IRS audit.  They are attempting to gain information to use against you.  You should contact Allen Barron immediately for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.

Contrary to criminal law, when it comes to an IRS audit you are guilty until proven innocent.  This is a shock to most US taxpayers.  Under the US tax code the burden of proof is on the taxpayer.  The IRS can assert literally whatever it wishes, and it is up to the taxpayer to prove them wrong.

Most taxpayers provide far too much information to the IRS in an effort to appear trustworthy and honest.  This is used against you to expand the audit and increase the amount you will pay in the end.  Our experienced tax attorneys can accomplish a lot for you and save you substantial money in most cases.  We engage the IRS on your behalf and handle all communications.  We are almost always able to ascertain where the IRS is headed with the interrogatory or audit, and how to cut them off and limit the scope of the engagement.  We ensure that all crucial information associated with the audit (and our ability to appeal afterward) are contained in IRS files.  If the information isn’t in the file, you can’t appeal it.

It is important to give serious consideration to protecting yourself in a San Diego IRS audit to limit your exposure and the cost from your bank account.  If you have received an inquiry from the IRS or have received a letter of notification regarding an IRS audit we invite you contact us or call 866-631-3470 for a free consultation.  Ask about the protections of the attorney-client privilege.

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