Well structured business contracts ensure a successful outcome by anticipating all potential challenges and providing specific steps to guide the parties through.  Well crafted business contracts clearly establish the roles of each party, and the “benefit of the bargain” expected by each party to the contract.  Clear, concise and thorough contracts reduce the need for litigation if a dispute arises, and minimize the costs associated with resolving any conflict.

Business litigation related to the underlying contract are quite expensive and time consuming.  Your company may be forced to carry a contingent liability on its books for more than a year while costs escalate as a neutral mediator, arbitrator or judge attempts to unravel the dispute between the parties and the understanding upon which the contract was based.  Well structured business contracts avoid these costs and time delays.  They clearly establish the facts, the obligations of the parties and the process the transaction will follow form initiation to completion.

You cannot download a form, or copy another contract from a previous transaction or off of the web and simply modify it.  Most download forms and existing contracts do not contain the unique clauses required by California law and miss the essence of the relationship of the parties and the issues related to the transaction at hand.  The experienced business attorneys at Allen Barron will work with you to cost-effectively develop well structured business contracts for your company.  We will help you to reduce the risk and expense of litigation while helping all of your transactions to proceed more smoothly.

When a challenge arises, the cost to resolve the dispute will be much lower and the time frame will be far shorter.  We invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation at 866-631-3470.  We will review existing contracts, develop well structured business contracts for each application within your company or work with you to develop a specific contract for a unique transaction.

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