What happens when the IRS audits your business earnings in San Diego?  How will the IRS process work and what are the most important things to do if you receive notification of an impending IRS audit?  Allen Barron has developed a complimentary guide “What to Expect from an IRS Audit” which explains the process of an audit and many of the important concepts regarding preparation and dealing with the IRS.

Janathan Allen notes: “It is never in the best of interest of a US taxpayer to speak with the IRS directly.  The IRS revenue officers or auditors are highly skilled interrogators who are seeking information which they will use against your own interests.  Most taxpayers provide far too much information to the IRS.  They do this in an attempt to seem open, cooperative and hones.  Unfortunately, this usually provides the information necessary to expand the scope of the audit itself and the amount of money the taxpayer will ultimately pay at the conclusion of the IRS audit.”

Allen Barron provides comprehensive services when the IRS audits your business earnings in San Diego.  We represent you throughout the audit, and manage all communications with the IRS on your behalf.  Our clients value the peace of mind and relief they experience when they realize they will not have to deal with the IRS.  It is also important to understand the concept of the “audit file” and the statute of limitations associated with an IRS Audit.  The audit file is the accumulated record developed when the IRS audits your business earnings including all communications, information disclosures and IRS findings.  Allen Barron has a strong track record reducing the amounts imposed by the IRS within the “Notice of Determination” at the completion of the audit through an effective appeal.

There is a three year statute of limitations for an IRS audit.  It is not unusual for the statute of limitations to arrive during the course of an audit and the IRS will often ask the taxpayer to waive the statute.  In some cases this is a good strategy, in other cases the statute of limitations is an excellent tool to drive the audit to completion.  How will you know what is best on your own?

When the IRS audits your business earnings there is a lot of risk and a substantial amount of money on the table.  We invite you to contact Allen Barron for a free consultation at 866-631-3470.  Learn about the protections of the attorney-client privilege and all we can do to protect your interests and save you money while making the audit process itself much easier to endure.


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